Welcome to your place of healing,

learning, self-love and discovery


You have gone through a toxic manipulative relationship and now...


You are having a hard time getting back on your feet


You are tired of attracting toxic people in your life

You feel guilty for taking time for yourself


You feel like you are never good enough no matter how hard you try



You often wonder: "Is it all my fault?"


You are angry because you have let this happen to you

Hi! I'm Gloria


I am a qualified life coach and a survivor of narcissistic abuse.

I was in a toxic and manipulative relationship for nearly 15 years but it was only in the last 6 months of that relationship that I realised what I was going through and that I was being emotionally and psychologically abused.

By the time I realised it I had already done a lot of the healing, I just had to awaken to the fact that my pain was coming from the relationship. 

It took me two years to heal. Two years to regain strength, self belief, rebuild my life, grow into a woman (I was with him since I was 18), understand what was happening to me and what I wanted from life.


Fast forward a few years, now I help women heal from emotional abuse.

In the past 12 months I have worked 1:1 with a lot of women who have been through the same and I asked them a question that I had asked myself a lot of times "what would help you heal faster?"


Their answer was exactly the same as mine: knowing that I’m not alone.

So I created something unique...

A space for you to heal and finally be happy, truly happy.


The Warriors Club is a space where you won't be alone, where you and other women gain strength from each other in this journey of a lifetime, a healing journey back to you.


I have created this space because I believe that we are stronger together and that there is something very powerful in community.

Just Imagine...

You always have someone to talk to who actually understands what you are going through.

You feel happy and in charge of your life. You don't care about what people think.

You trust yourself.

You love yourself. 

You have a new found confidence and you are able to say no to things and people you don't like.

You have a sense of calm, inner peace and you have finally stopped overthinking.


This is everything I wish I had in my healing journey. 

Being able to work on myself and at the same time have the support of other women going through the same.


Knowing that I wasn't alone.

Heal from emotional abuse for good and never fall in the trap again.


Warriors Club is for you if...

  • You have experienced narcissistic abuse or emotional abuse and are having a hard time healing and getting your head around what happened.
  • You often ask yourself whether what happened in the relationship was your fault.
  • You have lost trust and belief in yourself, you doubt yourself and very often experience feelings of guilt.
  • You wonder if you will ever trust again.
  • You have lost your confidence and self esteem. 
  • You want to heal and never attract a toxic person in your life again. 
  • You are tired with dealing with the aftermath of that toxic relationship and you want to leave it behind for good. 
  • You feel ashamed for what happened.
  • You don't feel that your friends and family really understand what happened to you and it's hard to explain it to them. 

Stop for a second.

Imagine a day where you don't care about what people think.


Imagine feeling truly happy and finally in charge of your life and your future.
Imagine having a new found confidence and being able to finally say no to the things and the people that you don't want.
Imagine waking up without anxiety but with a sense of calm and inner peace and excitement for the day and life ahead. 
Imagine always having someone to talk to who really actually understands what you are going through and what goes on in your mind because they are experiencing exactly the same. 


I have created this membership because I have been there and I know what it means to experience emotional abuse, I know what it's like to feel like you are the crazy one and I know how alone one can feel in this journey. It is my mission to end this pain forever and help more and more women heal while feeling supported and understood.

These are some of the transformations you can expect as a result of being part of the Warriors Club...

  • Start living life on your terms.
  • Letting go of that toxic relationship for good.
  • Eradicate self doubt, gain confidence and trust in yourself.
  • Learning how to stop caring about what people say or think.
  • Put in place solid boundaries between you and the narcissist.
  • Start putting yourself first without guilt.
  • Really understand that what happened isn't your fault and actually start living

Warriors Club

Warriors Club is a unique tool to heal, learn, rebuild your strength and self-esteem and overcome emotional abuse for good and never attract a toxic person in your life again.


It’s a safe space, a private community where you will be able to learn in your own time and at your own pace as well as be part of a community of women also healing from emotional abuse.
You will have my support as a coach, my knowledge, and my experience as a survivor of emotional abuse.


  • Monthly self-development module for you to go through at your own pace
  • Monthly group coaching calls
  • Group chat where we can check in daily
  • Bonuses and extra resources throughout the year
  • Strong Community of Survivors
  • Special discounts and early access to other programs
  • 15 Days Free Trial. Cancel anytime


  • Monthly self-development modules for you to go through at your own pace. The focus of this will be your emotional healing and reprogramming your mind after the manipulation you have gone through, build up confidence, self-esteem, belief that you are worthy, self-love and more.


  • Monthly group coaching calls where we recap the monthly module and add some powerful coaching exercises to consolidate what you have learned. The monthly calls are also a place to share your experience (only if you feel like) and where you can have your questions answered, even ones that don't have to do with the monthly theme. 


  • Group chat with daily check-ins. This is a place to share our daily struggles and your got to space if you find yourself stuck. It' your support community in your pocket, whenever and wherever you want. You will be able to share as much or as little as you want.
  • Bonus content and extra resources added throughout the year to boost up your healing journey.


  • Private community of survivors. Other women who have experienced emotional abuse and are on their healing journey, exactly like you. These are the women who understand what you are going through and to whom you can talk openly and safely. You will be able to support other women too by sharing your journey, your wins, your struggles and your breakthroughs. 


  • Access to exclusive discounts and pricing for 1:1 coaching and future programs and packages. 

Contents and coaching valued at £1200

One other very important aspect for me alongside with community and support was to make high quality coaching affordable for everyone. I know that many victims might find themselves in difficult financial situations so I have purposely kept the price very low.


15 Days Free Trial. Cancel anytime.

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